Letters to the Editor

Haller letter: Healthcare

Dr. Miller doesn’t give Idaho citizens much credit for being able to decide what they need or want in health care. Why should a 50-year-old couple or a gay couple or an 18-year-old be compelled to buy maternity care or anyone be compelled to buy acupuncture care? Why shouldn’t anyone be allowed to buy only coverage for catastrophic medical? If a citizen doesn’t want to incur $20K in out of pocket expenses before full coverage begins, why can’t they buy a policy with $10K or $5K deductible? Why can’t dental hygienists set up a dental cleaning practice or a nurse a general medical care practice without affiliation with a dentist or doctor? Government mandates and restrictions place unnecessary cost on the consumer and the providers and make healthcare more expensive. And, by the way, Dr. Miller wants to make a profit for providing his services, why shouldn’t insurance companies make a profit as well.

William Haller, Boise