Letters to the Editor

Arial letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

As a mom of five children, four of which are boys, we spend a lot of time at the doctor’s office. Last year alone we had two surgeries and three broken bones. The healthcare industry seems to be one of the only industries where a person goes in without knowing the cost of the service and blindly pays a bill without a breakdown of cost. There’s no transparency and no accountability.

I’m voting for Tommy Ahlquist for governor because he promises to make healthcare more affordable by bringing back the conservative principles of personal accountability, transparency and access. He promises that there will be a phone app, where the consumer can compare the price of care at each facility and make a decision of where to get service based on price, just like they would do for any other service. This technology already exists and is used by insurance companies, but Ahlquist promises to publicize the information by allowing facilities to opt-in to this service. This free-market principle will drive down cost and make healthcare more affordable for everyone as we learn what the price of care really is.

Jamie Arial, Meridian