Letters to the Editor

Stilton letter: Recyclables letter

Regarding: “Shift in recyclables” March 7:

Mr. Owens confuses recycling with burning. Trash that burns hottest, thus most beneficial for energy production, is wood, paper, and plastic, the same items that instead should be recycled (remade, reused). Burning trash that heats water into steam to run turbines for energy is not considered a Renewable Energy source by the Feds.

The incinerator in Spokane came about when the main landfill was full/leaking in the late 1980s with no viable options. Owens states, “At the collection sites they take in virtually every type of trash and recyclable material as we humans produce. And then they give back mulch and cleaner air than what is taken in at the incinerator.”

What kind of air is “taken in at the incinerator” such that its emissions are now considered cleaner, when they include over 220 million pounds of CO2 expelled annually, and excessive dioxins and furans (below the federal limit) even as this was built by a legitimate company and includes scrubbers and filters?

In Boise, Dynamis failed to materialize for numerous reasons. Our inversion-prone valley would be destroyed by the pollutants projected for that, or those realized in Spokane.

Kristin Stilton, Boise