Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Romney and Trump

The current lovefest between aspiring Utah Senatorial candidate Mitt Romney and President Donald Trump is exhibit A for why Americans have so little respect for many politicians.

Some Republicans became emotional watching these political leaders hug and heap praise on each other, behaving like life-long fraternity brothers. Then those “Fake News” journalists threw cold water on their celebration by releasing film footage proving beyond any reasonable doubt what these politicians truthfully feel about each other.

Only in America can leaders recently described as ignorant, unethical, unqualified and worse suddenly become great Statesmen.

Exhibit B is an inspiring message that raises hope political change is on the horizon. After a crazed gunman used another AR-15 to massacre 17 students and teachers at a Florida high school, surviving teenagers decided “Enough is Enough.” They are campaigning to vote out of office any legislator who would rather die in hell than risk loss of NRA money. These remarkable teens weren’t fooled by NRA strategy of having political allies send thoughts and prayers, then lay low until the next mass shooting,

Expect some politicians to suddenly find Jesus and support sensible gun control. Loss of their cushy jobs is a fate worse than death.

Alston Jones, Boise