Letters to the Editor

Hayen letter: North Korea and gun debate

My two cent opinions:

North Korea — It doesn’t take much of a genius to understand the change in North Korea. They wanted to be recognized as a world leader. With their rockets they believe they have accomplished it. Now they need world comfort. That is accomplished by becoming a major producer of products. An example is China. Why don’t we worry about China anymore? Why of course, they are now a world producer of goods. Should they revert back to their old policies and bang there goes the exports and the modernization of China. All the U.S. and other free nations have to do is close the door on imports. Hats off to Trump, who talked directly to China.

Gun debate in the USA — Now for the gun debate. First we need to decide the cause and what we want to do to correct it, then we can do away with the effects. Being free, isn’t really free.

Chris Hayen, Meridian