Letters to the Editor

Fitzgerald letter: Guns not the problem

One would think that in order to be a minister of any faith that a good grounding in history would be required. That doesn’t work around Boise. The week of March 4 we had two local ministers who seem to think the world began the day they were born. They blame guns for some serious problems.

In the 1950s and ’60s we could go into gun stores and buy all manner of semiautomatic weapons. Soviet SVT-40, Swedish Ljungman, Hakims, SAFN-49, and the U.S. Carbine. They all sold for less than $75, most for less than $50. Large cap 20-30 round magazines were $2 each, ammunition $5-7/hundred rounds. There were 30 gallon cans full of those guns in gun store aisles. No age restrictions, no background checks, no questions asked.

If availability of guns is the problem, why did we have zero school shootings? You don’t have to fix the guns, you have to fix what has happened to our society and children in the last 60 years.

Terry Fitzgerald, Boise