Letters to the Editor

Boland letter: Social Security

In spite of what politicians tell us Social Security is not broke. Social Security is now almost completely self funding both from payroll contributions and the interest it collects on its giant surplus of $2.7 trillion dollars as of 2018. Surpluses are projected to go through 2021. After that the surplus will also be applied and the program will then be fully funded until 2034 at which time minor changes would fully fund it indefinitely if Congress so chooses. (All figures are from www.ssa.gov/OACT/solvency/provisions/summary.html) Why then do our representatives tell us it is broke? It appears they want to frighten the people presumably because scared people are manageable people. Thomas Jefferson once said “When people fear the government it is called a tyranny. When the government fears the people it is called liberty.” You might ask yourself how much you feel your government fears you? Your answer may inform you as to where our country is headed. Mention this to Labrador, Simpson, Crapo or Risch next time you see them.

Glen Boland, Meridian