Letters to the Editor

Christianson letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

I heard gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist speak recently and felt real hope and excitement for our state after hearing his plans for improving healthcare, business and education in Idaho. Finally someone who applies pragmatism and business insights to government rather than the same old government think and bureaucracy that has not improved this state for years. Would love it if you could perhaps write a piece that compares all of the candidates for governor, side by side with their platforms and ideas for improving our state. I think if people could see this it would help them make informed decisions. Also I don’t think a lot of newer people to our state realize that our primaries are on May 15th, are going to essentially decide our governor (if past elections are any indication), and that they need to have done their research and be ready to weigh in that early.

Liv Christianson, Eagle