Letters to the Editor

Bartlett letter: Recyclables

Hurrah for Scott Owens, Boise, on his “shift in recyclables” letter. And good for Spokane, Wash. for coming up with a wonderful solution to the recycling situation with a bonus of energy, and mulch, as well as reducing the land fill volume.

I too received a notification on what we can and can no longer recycle. I have been a faithful recyclable separator since the program began. And now? I’m discouraged to even try.

OK — so let me get this straight … we have been shipping our recyclables to China — a financial contract that I’m sure is quite expensive. And, we, the Ada County residents pay extra for our blue buckets (whether we use them or we don’t).

Um … what is wrong with this picture? I believe building a recycling plant would not only provide a service to the state and county but also provide local jobs. The gain in local income would offset most, if not all of the cost of constructing a recycling plant such as Spokane has.

I don’t believe that’s a bad tradeoff or deal.

Shelley Bartlett, Meridian