Letters to the Editor

Weaver letter: Sen. Lee Heider

Lee Heider must be indifferent to children suffering and dying. Oh, he may give lip service to the contrary, but his actions speak otherwise. In his position in the Idaho Senate as Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, he is mainly responsible for allowing the Followers of Christ cult to let their children die from treatable illness because they believe in faith healing and are exempt from state intervention on behalf of their innocent kids. He won’t allow CBD oil to be used in the treatment of childhood chronic seizures because it might open the door to legal marijuana. There’s no doubt which side he would have been on during the Salem witch trials. What next Lee, aspirin for battle wounds instead of morphine, because morphine is related to heroin? Even your illegal closed door meetings can’t hold back humane progress forever Mr. Heider. How you sleep at night is a mystery to me. God, please save our children.

Calvin Vincent Weaver, Boise