Letters to the Editor

Lackman letter: Sen. Heider

I am writing to express outrage at the misuse of power displayed by Sen. Lee Heider during the recent committee meeting regarding HB 577. Sen. Heider was in direct violation of the Idaho Open Meeting Laws set out in Title 74 Chapter 2 for a transparent government. During the meeting regarding HB 577 Sen. Heider instructed the panel to meet privately to discuss Senator Potts’ motion requesting a hearing. Per 74-206 a session where the public is excluded may only be held for specific reasons, those of which do not apply to this situation.

Per the Attorney General of Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual, “The Idaho Open Meeting Law was designed to ensure transparency of the legislative and administrative processes within state and local governments ... Therefore, the legislature finds and declares that it is the policy of this state that the formation of public policy is public business and shall not be conducted in secret.”

Per the violations listed in 74-208(1) If an action, or any deliberation or decision-making that leads to an action, occurs at any meeting which fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter, such action shall be null and void.

This issue needs to be addressed.

Michelle Lackman, Star