Letters to the Editor

Trino letter: Donald Trump

Thank you to Mr Killam for noticing my letter. However, I think he may have misunderstood what I meant in regard to a choice. I was not referring to voting for the selection of candidate to represent the particular party, but to the two who were selected to represent the major parties in the presidential election. I also did not vote for Mr Trump in the primaries. I thought there were several other more worthy candidates for the Republican Party.

I think perhaps Mr. Killam may agree that the two our country had to select from for president were not prime material. I wonder where that kind of material can be found. I stand on the premise that to not vote was a mistake, because you ultimately gave a free vote to the one you had the least regard for.

We are, sadly, at the mercy of a bunch of self-serving, career opportunists whose only interest is feathering their own nests.

Carolyn Trino, McCall