Letters to the Editor

Parker letter: U.S.O.

America has long ceased to have a military draft. The men and women who choose to join the military services do so as volunteers.

The tensions of this world are impossibly complicated given the myriad social, political and economic issues of our times, to say nothing of the vast religious dilemmas rife on every continent. America can hardly abandon her duties as a world power. If you truly want to do something tangible to show your thanks and support to these precious folks, support the U.S.O.

The U.S.O. does a great deal to impact a soldier’s personal comfort zone. This organization is far more than movie stars for a show at Christmas. They provide a place for a soda and a rest, someone to meet you in a strange airport, a chance to read to your child far away, phone calls at Christmas. The list goes on.

America has obligations. These people carry the onus of that. Yes, they deserve our gratitude. However, they did their share of marching and parading in the service. I doubt they really care to see more.

Give them perks, not parades.

Jill Kennedy Parker, Boise