Letters to the Editor

Jessen letter: Daylight saving time

Ordinary living with its little lumps and tribulations is difficult enough without the government unnecessarily disrupting us twice a year telling us our clocks are wrong and need to be reset. So we climb walls to change them and miss programs and appointments while our body clocks adjust to the new time. Daylight saving time was invented during the World War II era when we allowed government to mandate a lot of things. It was designed to save energy and create more daylight after work for R and R. Saving energy was always questionable and individual employers, school districts, etc. could have easily changed their individual hours to suit their needs. It was hardly a good idea then and it’s totally a pain in the tail now. So let’s pick one time and stay with it. If you agree there is a shortcut to all of Congress including our legislators, you might try 202-224-3121 and follow the prompts. Actually, it’s a great number for letting off a little steam occasionally.

Bob Jessen, Meridian and McCall