Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: Gun violence

My wife and I occasionally go to the movies and we are captive to the coming attractions. Most of the movies today are with violent gun scenes and body parts gushing blood. They have to outdo each other for young audiences who have grown up with violent video games.

Alfred Hitchcock would never show the blood and guts violence we see today, even on television many shows are full of violence and getting worse each year. I remember one of Bruce Willis’ first movies, “Blind Date,” that was funny and entertaining, and now he has to kill 30 to 50 people in each movie. Prior to Columbine school massacre there were some violence and killing, but not like today.

It is not the NRA and gun owners. It is the subliminal message we are flooding the young minds of today with, this violent garbage. If a young person who comes from a broken home, and there are many today, their young minds can become warped with this kind of so-called entertainment. Hollywood, with its high school dropouts telling us how to live and giving us this low level entertainment should be regulated. This folks is where the trouble started.

Dave Silva, Boise