Letters to the Editor

Pierce letter: Global Food Security

In 2016, President Obama signed the Global Food Security Act into law, after it had been passed by the Republican-led Congress with overwhelming support. As a result, hundreds of thousands of subsistence farmers throughout the world can now feed their families and communities, equipped with better seeds, tools and techniques. More children are living free from the devastating effects of stunting caused by malnutrition. And our own country benefits from improved diplomatic and trade relations with target countries and greater stability in volatile regions.

The Global Food Security Act had been introduced in previous sessions of Congress, but like thousands of other bills, it had gone nowhere – until we personally urged our representatives and senators to support it. I am grateful and applaud Senators Risch and Crapo and Congressman Simpson for supporting the bill.

The need for sustained U.S. leadership in the fight against hunger is more important than ever. However, the current legislation expires Sept. 30, so we have only a few months to ensure this life-giving work continues. I hope you will join me in calling on our Idaho members of Congress to co-sponsor and pass the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act (S. 2269) (H.5129 ).

Dawn Pierce, Boise