Letters to the Editor

Schipani letter: Marsy’s Law

Earlier this month, I listened closely to the House Affairs Committee Hearing on HJR-8. As a crime victim — my brother was murdered years ago — my joy at seeing HJR-8, also known as Marsy’s Law, pass through the House State Affairs Committee is indescribable. However, that joy was tempered by the disappointing tactics utilized by Representative Lynn Luker. He was clearly attempting to run out the clock during the hearing before a vote could be had.

He was a prime example of why Marsy’s Law is needed so victims can be heard. Ironically, his maneuvers caused victims and advocates who had traveled from across the state to sacrifice their opportunities to testify in order to keep things as brief as possible to attempt to save time to have the vote.

I am grateful to the legislators who saw fit to make sure that a vote was taken even though the committee hearing went over time and the committee was needed on the floor. Their willingness to stand up to Rep. Luker and his defense attorney friends did not go unnoticed.

Kathleen Schipani, Mountain Home