Letters to the Editor

Lowery letter: Guns

It looks like it is up to the young people in this country to take it back from the 1 percent and corporations. They have had enough of what is happening and will put in place term limits and make lobbying illegal. Free eduction and health care will be on their agenda.

As a Vietnam combat veteran, wounded and decorated, I am completely against the general public having military weapons. They are easy to handle, reload fast and with high capacity magazines make a shooter impossible to rush. The bullets are moving so fast and are so light that they tumble when entering a human body. That design was intended. It produces horrific wounds. I know, because I have caused them and seen them in combat.

Our young people are not enemy soldiers. Traditional rifles, hand guns and shotguns are not threatened by me as long as there are effective background checks and registration. When can a five million organization hold an entire country hostage. Is the entire Congress a bunch of lap dogs to the NRA?

Odos Lowery, Boise