Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Lack of tolerance

Where is the outrage over the conditions of Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago because if you go to YouTube you will see the decay of buildings and it looks like a war zone and what those who live there see is a battlefield and where is the outcry for those who plead for help. I believe their lives should matter because they need help and yet they are forgotten and no one seems to bother or care to help those who live in those cities not even the elected leaders. If we are going to help than we need to help everybody not the select few because that is what I see from Hollywood to politicians and MSM because I know because I remember busing and segregation in Mass. where I was born. The sad thing is all lives should matter but they don’t and I see it in the media and politics where racism and hatred still exist because there is a lack of tolerance in our nation on both sides and we need to address it instead of hide it. It would be nice to heal the wounds of yesterday because there is pain in our nation.

John Landers, Wilder