Letters to the Editor

Hughes letter: Pro-life

People who call themselves “pro-life” should consider what pro-life means. If you are still supporting Trump and the Republicans with all their anti-life words, policies and actions, are you really pro-life?

Are you only pro-life for pre-born babies? There are billions of other living souls who also have the right to life: victims of murder by assault weapons at schools, concerts, movie theaters, and theaters of war around the world; victims of murder by policemen; Puerto Ricans and other victims of global warming crises which are killing thousands of people in severe droughts, flooding, massive hurricanes, tornadoes; immigrants fleeing war-torn homelands; DACA recipients whose home and life are here; people in poverty without adequate food, water, housing or medical care; victims of air, water and food pollution here in the U.S. and around the world.

These people all have a right to life. But Trump is against them time after time, even though he claimed to be pro-life.

Some religious people claim they had to vote for Trump, who is now obviously anti-life. Stop following him and the publicans. Please be truly pro-life for all human beings and for this earth upon which our lives depend.

Diane E. Hughes, Orofino