Letters to the Editor

Escalante letter: Foreign aid

America is a beacon of hope, and our global leadership in the fight against extreme poverty has been both catalytic and irreplaceable. In 1990, roughly 35,000 children on average died every day from preventable and treatable diseases. Just over two decades later, that number has been nearly cut in half and more than one billion people worldwide have been lifted out of extreme poverty.

Despite accounting for just one percent of the federal budget, American foreign assistance saves millions of lives, lifts millions out of poverty, promotes stability, spurs economic growth, and brings hope to the most desolate of places. That’s why I traveled to Washington, D.C. with The ONE Campaign to meet with Senator Risch to urge him to fully fund America’s State and Foreign Operations programs.

We are blessed to have been born in this thriving country, and we have a responsibility to help those with less fortune gain the self-reliance they want for themselves and their families. My neighbors and I want Senator Risch to be a champion for those who do not have a voice, and we’ll be watching to see how he delivers.

Ali Escalante, Boise