Letters to the Editor

Boyd letter: Channel 2 change

It is sad to see how Sinclair Broadcasting has turned Channel 2 news into an ultra conservative propaganda outlet. They’ve done this with the depressingly right-wing “Bottom line with Boris” opinion pieces, slanted news stories from D.C., constant “expert” interviews with Sebastian Gorka, who was so friendly to Nazis that he was kicked out of the Trump White House, and self-described “low bias” pieces aimed at Millennials. “Low bias?” What does that say about the rest of their content? I was fortunate to summer intern at KBOI News & Radio when Dick Eardley was news director in the early ’70s, and privileged to work with great reporters and on-air talent like Billy Gratton, Alice Dieter, Pauli Crooke and Larry Chace. They made KBOI the gold standard for Idaho broadcasting. I’m certain they would be appalled by what is going on now at their once-beloved Channel 2. I know I am.

Paul M. Boyd, Boise