Letters to the Editor

McDonald letter: Donald Trump

In order to empty a swamp, one must first find the lowest point and then clean out the drain. It has become apparent that the lowest point in the D.C. swamp is the White House itself — led by a dishonest, unethical, racist, philandering, and self-centered narcissist who thinks that rules and democratic norms regarding the honest recognition of facts, financial conflicts of interest, regulations regarding conduct of appointees (travel, office redecorations, etc.), ethics, and the integrity of one’s personal and professional conduct do not apply to his appointees or himself. This is not a matter of Mr. Trump’s public policy preferences — he is entitled to those and public debate and discussion of them is fair game. But our democracy will not long have the privilege of engaging in those debates and playing a world leadership role if it continues to be debased by people who lack the character and courage to act in an ethical manner and lead with integrity, and who allow the tyranny of the majority to prevail at all costs. The means are never justified by the ends.

Bill McDonald, Boise