Letters to the Editor

Brewer letter: Marsy’s Law

As a victim of a violent crime, I’ve been following Marsy’s Law in the Legislature with hopes that it will pass and give victims a stronger voice. I was dismayed though, at the Feb. 28 hearing in the House State Affairs Committee.

One particular legislator, Lynn Luker, went out of his way to harass the members of law enforcement and prosecutors who stood in favor of this bill. Even going so far as to suggest they hadn’t been doing their jobs. A lawyer himself, he sided with criminal defense lawyers and used an egregious amount of time debating the definitions of words to cast doubts on a great bill.

I am further sick of hearing legislators say they “support victims, but …” This is not an issue for buts. Either they support victims or not, and voters will know soon enough. Luker used this line numerous times, and ended with a statement that he doesn’t trust voters to make a decision on this issue. Sounds to me like just another politician that we shouldn’t be trusting. I hope the House body has more faith in Idaho citizens and allows us to vote on this amendment in November.

Colene Brewer, Nampa