Letters to the Editor

Bolton letter: 2nd Amendment

Laws should be based on facts, not emotion. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting, target shooting or self-defense. It’s about allowing citizens to force the feds to obey the Constitution. The citizens’ weapons were the same as the army’s. Banning military style weapons violates the Constitution’s intended purpose. Saying it only covers muskets and flintlocks since that’s what existed then is like saying that freedom of the press doesn’t apply to webpages since they didn’t exist then either. Banning military style weapons would cost billions since the law requires fair-market compensation. Such weapons are rarely used in crime. They’re too bulky for robberies. Gun crime is also way down despite many more guns. President Clinton’s assault weapons ban didn’t lower gun crime at all. Banning these weapons makes no sense.

The Parkland shooting was due to FBI and local police failing to heed many warnings. The Parkland, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas shooters also had mental problems. They are where our prevention efforts should be. There’s talk about raising the age to buy rifles (and tobacco) to 21 since 18-year-olds aren’t capable of reason and common sense. Perhaps we should therefore move the voting age back to 21 too.

Chris Bolton, Meridian