Letters to the Editor

DiLorenzo letter: School safety

The most important issue we face today is to protect our students and teachers in our schools.

The reality of school safety is that we already have the systems and procedures in place. Most schools have the systems in place but they are not being adhered to.

▪  All doors are locked from outside entry.

▪  All personnel allowed in the facility must have an ID pass.

▪  A qualified armed security person is present.

▪  The main entrance is controlled.

What s actually happening is that the procedures and policies are not being followed.

▪  Too many people inside the building will open the perimeter doors from the inside.

▪  The access ID pass program is not strongly enforced.

▪  The security personnel are not visibly present and the number of qualified personnel is inadequate.

▪  The access control of the main entrance is inadequately controlled.

In all reality the school administration from the superintendents down through the individual principals are not enforcing the present safety and security procedures.

Arming our teachers is not an option.

Fred DiLorenzo, Boise