Letters to the Editor

Berg letter: HB568

It’s unacceptable for elected officials to be completely isolated from citizens holding them accountable. If local officials make an egregious error in land use that decision should be able to be overturned, after this bill citizens will no longer have a manner in which to overturn harmful decisions. The final say on issues needs to be with the people of Idaho, and because of how land use decisions move forward quicker than an election can occur, and unlike a law cannot be wholly reversed, there must be some manner of check to the system. HB 568 takes that check away and robs citizens of their right to hold their government accountable.

I’m also very concerned with how this bill was obviously targeted at the petition by the Dry Creek Valley Coalition. It is unjust to pass a law that removes a method of citizen activism while in process. Changing the rules mid-game is unfair, unjust and has no place in Idaho. I urge all Idahoans to stop this undemocratic bill.

Erik Berg, Boise