Letters to the Editor

Winnovich letter: Second Amendment

The NRA is killing the Second Amendment. There are between 75 and 100 million gun owners in America. Of those, only 5 million are NRA members. Why? Many gun owners just do not agree with the vile rhetoric of Wayne LaPierre. He is the gun owners’ worst representative. The more he talks, the more enemies he makes. The NRA used to be a sportsman organization, but now it is used by its leaders to incite fear, advertise for manufacturers and make a profit. Assault weapons have no place in the public just due to the ability to cause massive harm with no skill. The greater ammo variety and accuracy of a good bolt-action hunting rifle is why they have been traditionally used for just that: hunting. Although mass shootings represent a small percentage of homicides, the lethality of semi-auto rifles on random innocent victims creates extreme pain and further division within our country. Next, if we arm teachers with handguns of limited accuracy to “protect” schools and our children, then what about the malls, the shopping centers, the concerts, the parks? If people believe the NRA is protecting our freedom, think again.

Keith Winnovich, Hailey