Letters to the Editor

King: To-do list

Here is a to-do list of things when you’re unhappy with our government:

▪  Call your congressman – tell them what is wrong and what you want done about it (they need to listen to you in order to keep their jobs).

▪  Vote – if your congressman isn’t listening to you, vote someone else in. It’s pointless to complain about them if you’re the one that lets them stay in office.

▪  Raise awareness – get people together and spread your message. People might not know something is wrong until you point it out. And if history has proven anything, there is major strength in numbers.

▪  Do something about it yourself – if none of the above have worked and you are still passionate in changing something, fight it from the inside. Work for our congressmen, or better yet, become one of our congressmen.

If you have done none of the above, it’s time to stop complaining. America’s foundation was built on the ability of citizens to stand up to their government if something is wrong. Americans have more of a voice than they think, and it is time to start using it.

Grace King, Boise