Letters to the Editor

Kennedy letter: Immigration

In his Feb. 22 letter on immigration, Mark VanSkiver argues that regulating immigration is against the core values of our nation. He opines that historically, America took everyone – so selectively admitting only those who meet new immigration guidelines is wrong.

The problem is, the U.S. can no longer allow everyone in. In 1900, the population of the U.S. was 76.2 million people. In 2000, 100 years later, it was 325.7 million people. We’ve seen the impact of tripling our population and its effect – water shortages, a lack of affordable housing, more people on welfare, and more.

Unchecked immigration has to end. The immigration guidelines should favor people with skills in demand in the U.S., much like the immigration requirements of most other nations – including Mexico.

The U.S. simply can no longer afford to throw open its borders and take in everyone. With the number of living-wage jobs stagnant at best, and the dwindling of both financial and natural resources, it’s time for real immigration reform with stricter requirements as well as an end to the constant influx of illegals crossing our southern border.

Ken Kennedy, Ontario