Letters to the Editor

Heberger letter: Dams, salmon

Dams, salmon, steelhead and subterfuge:

If one has a medical problem, one asks a medical doctor. If one has a legal problem, one seeks out an attorney. If one’s house is on fire, one calls 911 to get the fire department to respond.

Why then, when Snake River wild salmon and steelhead are in peril, would one listen to anyone other than a biologist, especially a fish biologist, concerning the fish runs? Certainly one should not listen to a politician, an industry shill or someone from the Bonneville Power Authority, the Corps of Engineers or the Bureau of Reclamation. Their “facts” are twisted half-truths. Wild fish are in trouble and dams are the main cause. Period.

We need to fix the problem, and we need to use science to do so. Also, the economics point to dismantling the dams as well, but I will leave that for an economist to argue.

Roy Heberger, Fish & Wildlife Service (retired), Boise