Letters to the Editor

Guidry letter: Stand Your Ground

I urge Gov. Butch Otter to reject the extreme Stand Your Ground bill.

Idaho already allows Idahoans to protect themselves in dangerous situations. We have a proud history of using common sense: We expect that if you have to defend yourself, you’ll do so reasonably. SB 1313 betrays traditional self-defense doctrine and is an assault on our public safety.

This dangerous proposal flies in the face of reason and would encourage a “shoot first, ask questions later” culture that would threaten the lives of people in our state. In fact, a recent study by researchers at Texas A&M found that Stand Your Ground laws are associated with a clear increase in homicides, resulting in 600 more homicides per year.

This Stand Your Ground bill is reckless and groundless. And it’s an unnecessary distraction from the hard work that Gov. Otter and his colleagues have to address the real issues that Idahoans care about.

Gov. Otter must do the right thing and reject this extreme policy by opposing SB 1313.

Mary Guidry, Boise