Letters to the Editor

Curtis letter: Sex abuse

Regarding Michael Katz’s front page article Feb. 26, “Sex abuse is nothing new, etc.” Mr. Katz rehashes the arrest (not conviction) of a local priest and connects it to the Jay study, which found that the rate of sexual abuse allegations against priests is around 4 percent.

Try Psychology Today, March 24, 2010, “Six Important Points you don’t hear about clergy sexual abuse,” available online, which relies on the Jay study, but evenhandedly. The study found, for example, that priests are no more likely to abuse than other people, that all incidents have declined, and credits awareness and supervision.

Katz claims bankruptcies are an easy out. Money given to the church for the poor or schools is better spent on huge, largely punitive judgments? No Catholic will deny that we have our share of Pharisees, safeguarding the public face of the church at any cost ... truly scandalous. But other leaders may not understand compulsion, or genuinely believe that prayer is enough.

The last paragraph, “The church has done a better job of preventing new cases than holding people accountable.” So he does know that the bishops commissioned the study and took action.

A weak ending to a long, rambling, anti-Catholic rant.

Mary Clare Curtis, Boise