Letters to the Editor

Firby letter: Shootings

My two cents on the mass killings. Using Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and many of the other mass shootings right up to the latest in Florida, there was known information out there that told us this will or could happen. Those in the know did not act, why? Most likely I am wrong, however my take is those in power, in each situation, either did not empower their people to act on their information, or more likely created an atmosphere where they were reluctant to act. I am not an NRA supporter yet I am a gun owner and hunter and I reside in the camp that feels the gun is not the problem. I do respect those who feel the need for the conversation and maybe action in this area. I just wonder why each time we hear that the warning was there, why that fact was not pursued with a demand for change.

John Firby, Weiser