Letters to the Editor

Davis letter: CBD oil

I assumed HB 577, legalizing CBD oil, would pass both houses, but it didn’t even make it far enough to get vetoed by Governor Otter. The excuse is that it would blur the lines on what is legal and what is not. It’s simple, THC is illegal and CBD which consists of no THC should be legal. These children suffer from seizures and found something that helps relieve the symptoms but can’t use because of someone’s religious beliefs. These parents have to choose to break the law or keep experimenting with drugs that don’t work, are expensive and have a myriad of side effects. I noticed the ludicrous concealed carry law that allows anyone to conceal a gun with no permit passed with no problem. People should have to do a background check and take a class to carry a concealed gun in public. That law must be more important than a child’s health? I am tired of these lawmakers trying to live other people’s lives for them.

William Davis, Meridian