Letters to the Editor

Behunin letter: Trespassing, Stand Your Ground

The new trespass rules further advance. This forces you to prove your innocence when accused of trespassing. It does not maintain current posting laws. It does raise your trespass to a misdemeanor where you pay all legal penalties, legal fees including court costs and attorney fees.

We are also going to end up under the Stand Your Ground law.


Mow your lawn, cross the line, trespassing. Trespass and being shot can happen due to Stand Your Ground.

No business because once you cross the sidewalk, into the parking lot, trespassing.


1. Kill the bill, the House didn’t have enough brains to do so. Glad we’re represented by the people voted in to represent us.

2. Everybody peacefully trespass and overload the judicial system.

3. Load your shelves and do no business with Idaho businesses. I give it a month.

4. Apply No. 3 and watch the entire “Great State of Idaho” become the battleground state.

Our Legislature is collapsing Idaho.

My preferred choice is number 1. My bet is number 4.

Call your state senator, (208) 334-2475, the House, the people’s representation has failed.

Contact the governor’s office.

Stop the madness.

David Behunin, Boise