Letters to the Editor

Ritchie letter: School safety

Does Governor Otter really believe he has done enough to protect our students? Is there ever enough? Maybe he should visit my school where we have glass outside doors that are not able to be easily locked by nearby teachers. Then our classrooms have doors that open outward and must be locked from the hallway side — leaving students and teachers vulnerable while locking. We have a flimsy magnetic strip that is supposed to allow our doors to stay locked all day while still allowing students to come and go. It’s also to allow students to be able to lock the door if a teacher is unavailable. The strip often gets knocked off onto the floor, and if it’s lost I have to leave my door unlocked all day. My door also has a weak spot grate that could easily be kicked out by an intruder. We have requested better, stronger doors, but there’s no money and that comes from Otter and the Legislature. I wonder how many other Idaho schools have similar, or worse, doors. Has Otter really done enough? I don’t think so.

Nona Ritchie, teacher, West Ada School District, Meridian