Letters to the Editor

Bridges letter: Speaking in code

If I hear one more pundit use the term “dog whistle,” I’m going to scream. Ditto for “speaking in code.”

Or perhaps I should instead be awed and amazed at all the mind readers out there. These people can tell what you’re thinking without a shred of concrete evidence, just by looking at you. To you folks I would ask, what the heck are you doing here? You should take your act to Vegas. Mind readers are very popular in Sin City, if the scuttlebutt holds true.

Sarcasm aside, accusing people of something as vile as bigotry based only on your assumptions is beyond childish, it’s evil. It creates unnecessary hostility and animosity where they needn’t exist. It makes people unnecessarily angry and paranoid and divides us even further. Toss that gas onto the ignorant social media mob, and you’ve got a recipe for violence. People have died in such circumstances.

Nobody can truly know what’s in your heart. Nobody except you. And people sometimes change their thinking over the years. Making assumptions about someone’s motivations, well, I just think back to my high school basketball coach saying, “What do you do when you assume?”

Phil Bridges, Nampa