Letters to the Editor

Minkiewicz letter: Fracking

An oil and natural gas drilling company has arrived in Idaho and is drilling successfully on leased property in Payette County. Leases are provided by the state of Idaho, and both the company and state benefit from profits. Those leases supersede private property rights and environmental concerns. The drilling involves a fracking process requiring clean water daily from the aquifer. Once used and contaminated, the wastewater must be disposed of elsewhere, often into a pond away from people.

Many drilling leases exist in Ada County. See Online Map at integrityandaccountability.org to learn what officials are not doing to protect Idaho’s environment and aquifer from abuse. Eagle city is considering a strong ordinance relating to fracking. Ada County officials should be concerned as well about protecting its many hundreds of individual wells.

A January public hearing was held in Boise with the federal Environmental Protection Agency present. At issue was the voluminous amount of underground water that becomes contaminated by fracking, the disposal of which is deemed “too expensive” by drilling companies. They prefer to inject wastewater underground via injection wells. State code disallows injection, which is why state officials are asking the EPA to oversee injection wells. Voters, take note.

Patricia Minkiewicz, Eagle