Letters to the Editor

Jacobs letter: Elect Michael Snyder

I recently attended a candidate forum at the CDA Public Library, where six distinguished candidates gave their reasons for why the people of District 1 should choose them to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives. I came away with mixed impressions about the different candidates.

In the end, I happily chose Michael Snyder as my candidate. I believe he will truly represent us in Congress. He will, unlike the fake Republicans in Congress, support President Trump’s excellent plan to fix our nation’s problems by reducing the regulation burden, deporting illegal immigrants, and protecting all of our rights. He will not support any bill that provides funding for Planned Parenthood and abortions. He is 100 percent pro-gun, and will do everything he can to protect our right to defend ourselves against criminals. He will push for the abolition of Common Core and the Department of Education, so the issue of education can be controlled by the states once more, as is required by the 10th Amendment. Most importantly, however, Michael Snyder is an unashamed Christian. He is not afraid to share his faith, and would like to see this nation return to the biblical principles it was founded upon.

John Jacobs, Priest River