Letters to the Editor

Wilson letter: Ban assault-style rifles

The First Amendment allows free speech. But a common story is that you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. My right to not be trampled to death trumps your right to yell that word.

The Declaration of Independence claims our first right is that of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. But what happens to my Right to Life if someone with mental problems buys an assault rifle? I believe my Right to Life trumps his/her right to buy a semi-auto assault rifle.

What purpose does an assault-style rifle serve? If you want to experience shooting one, rent one at a shooting range. (Or, join the U.S. Army or Marines.) My life, and the lives of all my fellow citizens, should have more value than your right to own an assault rifle.

I think semi-auto assault-style rifles should be banned, along with “bump stocks” and large capacity magazines. (The United States won World War II with only an 8-round magazine.)

Tell the NRA: My right to life trumps your right to buy an assault rifle.

William J. “Bill” Wilson, Boise