Letters to the Editor

Ringelstetter letter: Mass shootings

I have had enough of these mass shootings.

It is being suggested we “harden” our schools with metal detectors and armed teachers. If so, I think gun owners should pay these costs with annual gun fees. But my guess is, this would simply push the would be killers to other soft targets, like day care centers, nursing homes or other places where large groups gather. Should we harden and arm these places too? Adding more insanity to the problem will not result in safety.

The first issue we need to address in mass shootings is the lethality of the guns. An AR-15, equipped with a bump stock and high capacity magazine, used in the Las Vegas massacre, is a de facto illegal machine gun. The ATF should have banned bump stocks long ago. It is testament to the nefarious power of the NRA that they are still being sold. I suggest both high capacity magazines and bump stocks be banned. This would substantially reduce the firepower of guns used, and save lives. Then we can concentrate on reducing the number of such incidents.

Sadly, I doubt even these simple, common sense steps have a chance of becoming law.

Richard Ringelstetter, Boise