Letters to the Editor

Rocks letter: Electoral College

I wish to respond to Alston Jones’ letter of Feb. 20, hopefully interjecting some facts into the equation regarding his assertion that the Electoral College is a constitutional Trojan Horse which must be eliminated because it was the sole reason a “fringe” presidential candidate was elected.

First: This fringe candidate had a clear message. His opponent did not. Mr. Trump hit the stump early and often; Mrs. Clinton did not. Mr. Trump was “all media all the time”; Mrs. Clinton hardly engaged the media at all, just sat on her hands. So, if the left can’t win it’s time to change the rules.

Second: Our framers wisely envisioned a “representative republic.” Why? So that the two left coasts can’t control the whole country with no consideration of what the electorate’s beliefs are between them.

Third: Without the Electoral College, California would have single-handedly swung the election. Mr. Trump’s electoral victory was broad — carrying 30 states to Mrs. Clinton’s 20 plus D.C.

Fourth: If you do away with the Electoral College you’ll also have to eliminate the U.S. Senate which gives each state two senate votes no matter the population of each respective state. The electorate has spoken. Electoral College 101.

Randall Rocks, Boise