Letters to the Editor

Hayes letter: Reach out to others

Dear Idahoans, dear students and faculty of my beloved Eagle High School, do not assume a school shooting or another case of a corrupt priest could never happen here. It would be the worst thing that could happen, but the worst has already happened in part of my life. I’m Roman Catholic, and shocked by the allegations against Fr. Faucher. If we are not prepared to prevent the worst, it will happen. This does not mean constant fear, but rather, constant vigilance. Just imagine how much better off our schools would be if each teacher and student made a concerted effort to reach out to the lonely and confused and in pain, both those in authority, as the priest’s example shows, and those under their authority, like students and laity. This means homosexuals, heterosexuals, women and men, boys and girls, poor, rich, and black and white, and those who feel like outcasts for things done wrong. Forgiveness and compassion are key. They save lives, our own included, when they come full circle. No one is exempt from needing compassion, whether priest, teacher, or student or lay person. Forgive, and please, love everyone. Reach out, Idaho, and save a life.

Bryn C. Hayes, Boise