Letters to the Editor

Thomas letter: Raul Labrador comments

On Feb. 14 Raul Labrador made a few comments to the Idaho Statesman that are hard to swallow and accept. It appears to me that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He says we have lost our moral compass, but he has consistently supported a president that does and says whatever he wants to. Most of his actions and behavior go against the norms of the people in this country. It’s evident that Labrador’s party has stood by and done nothing to correct this “moral compass” he talks about and the one that exists in Washington. Labrador says don’t add the words because it creates special protections for certain groups. With this administration these groups really need protection because they will not be treated fairly. These comments that Labrador has made I can’t accept just like the comment in which a person said no one ever dies for lack of health insurance. I hope Idaho voters hear Labrador loud and clear.

Tom Thomas, Boise