Letters to the Editor

Simpson letter: Vladimir Putin

It is just astonishing that our Idaho Congressmen have so changed their opinion of Russia. I remember when students were hovering under desks. People were seriously considering building bomb shelters in their back yards. Now, they play “kissy face” with a man who is playing kissy face with Russia. Vladimir Putin has had murdered numerous people, has poisoned some and had acid thrown in the faces of others. He is responsible for backing the brutal Assad regime and the murder of hundreds if not thousands of babies, with nerve gas. He is an evil animal who cut his teeth on the KGB. He is not our friend. Has our congressional delegation lost their minds? Cannot they see the forest (party) for the trees (country)? When our president says he believes Putin when he denied meddling in our election, do they seriously believe either one of them? Or are they so hellbent on their policies that the rest of the country be damned?

Peggy (Pruitt) Simpson, Cascade