Letters to the Editor

Rainford letter: Statesman bias

On Feb. 26, your headline screamed, “Catholic sex abuse in Northwest isn’t new.” While I realize scandal and sex sells newspapers, your bias is showing. There is no such thing as “Catholic sex abuse.” There certainly are monsters in priests’ clothing that prey upon children, sexually abusing them. And yes, between the 1950s and today, the Northwest has seen more than its fair share of such monsters. However, your headline belies the pastoral love and guardianship of Bishops Michael Driscoll and Peter Christensen, who absolutely defend(ed) victims and prosecute(d) perpetrators. Witness the Church’s approach to Thomas Faucher. Bishop Christensen responded swiftly and appropriately. You made no mention of this in your article. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise serves the entire state of Idaho, in charity, mercy and justice. Smearing it with a broad slime brush isn’t just inappropriate; it’s destructive to the institution that delivers healthcare, housing, food, eldercare and other services in the name of love that is Jesus. Please remove your bias and see the Church for what it is, not what sells newspapers.

Will Rainford, Boise