Letters to the Editor

Kaeppner letter: Biased media

When Barack Obama gave Iran $3 billion, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted Iran would use some (much?) of the money to fund terrorism. The media was silent. Imagine the ballistic response if the Trump administration made that statement. Now, after terrorist attacks, reasonable people are asking a very fair question: “Did Obama finance that attack?”

While still president, Obama singled out seven Mideast countries that deserved extra scrutiny. No one in America said a word. When Trump took his advice, the country exploded in protest.

The U.S. media did everything possible to ensure Hillary Clinton was elected president. Every article/newscast was slanted. Any interference from outside agencies didn’t put a dent, not a scratch, in the pro-Hillary media bulldozer.

U.S. citizens along our southern border are living in fear. Vehicles, equipment, fences, and irrigation pipes are being damaged by illegals crossing the border. Trash, including human feces, is littering their land. One Arizona rancher has been killed.

Everyone who opposes a security wall should be required to spend several weeks camped out in the front yard of these ranches, where every night members of the Mexican drug cartels will walk among you.

Bring your kids.

Dan Kaeppner, Meridian