Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Dismissive attitudes

A legislator threatens to call the ISP if students exercise the First Amendment. An administrator threatens students with truancy if they momentarily walk in respect for victims. When the people we have empowered tell us to sit down and shut up it’s time to stand up and speak out.

Local dismissive attitudes are symptomatic of a national dysfunction. Officials have failed us for generations, ignoring changing social climates and misrepresenting constituents. Desperately clinging to antiquated ideals for personal legacies will fail as these leaders are supplanted like obsolete technology.

We point fingers, but check the mirror: we have failed. We have apathetically trusted those in power believing “it’s not so bad,” thus the consequences of collective inaction. Could it get worse? — Children are killing children.

It is critical mass, and children are stepping up … be prepared to move aside quietly or be trampled in the stampede of major social reforms. A bloody revolution is underway.

Passively accepting dead kids as collateral damage for a puritanical status quo “vision” of our forefathers is sickening. Every dead child is martyred but they have not died in vain … we haven’t yet witnessed the full ramifications of their sacrifice.

Chris Anderson, Boise