Letters to the Editor

Dixon letter: Random thoughts

I am fed up with the D.C. Republicans. Our national Republican form of government has failed. One of the immigration bills got 54 votes in the Senate, but because of the 60 vote rule, it failed. If a bill gets 59 votes, the Republicans will race to change the rule, and raise the votes needed to 62, or 65, or 70, or 80. I have been disenfranchised. The U.S. Supreme Court should act.

And on another subject, when did colleges and universities get appointed as investigator, judge and jury of criminal cases? Every one of those cases should be investigated by the local police, and if confirmed, charges filed by the local prosecutor, and after the first 20 offenders are imprisoned, the assaults will slow way down.

On another subject, ethanol in gasoline should be abolished, and the octane ratings for regular gasoline should be raised to the European standard. A really good piece in an auto magazine tells that the car makers want it, they can increase mpg way up, and cut emissions. Only farmers, EPA and politicians, mostly D.C. Republicans, don’t want it.

Fritz Dixon, Meridian